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In the latest episode of Hospitality Hangout, Michael Schatzberg “The Restaurant Guy” and Jimmy Frischling “The Finance Guy” chat with Gary Goodman, CEO and Founder of Yumpingo, to discuss his early fascination with the industry, the necessity for customer feedback and the importance of creating a healthy company culture.

Goodman and the guys chat about Goodman’s background. Goodman shares that he was born in Manchester, England, where he would go to restaurants with his family as a child. He talks about how, even as a toddler, he had an absolute fascination with the industry and he recalls fond memories of seeing food on tables, looking into the kitchen and watching the food being cooked. He mentions that although he is qualified as a lawyer, he knew that wasn’t the right path for him. He decided to go into marketing and then onto a career of building digital platforms, where he has spent the past 20 years connecting people with processes and data.

When Schatzberg asks Goodman about his customer experience management platform, Yumpingo, Goodman says, “We deliver real-time guest insights at unique scale for restaurants across all service styles, and we’re transforming how they’re making key decisions in the business.” He shares that when it comes to the market, the Yumpingo app answers three questions better than anyone else. He explains how they do that as he breaks down the company’s name. He says, “The ‘Yum’ is related to how happy your guests are eating food, so we basically track happiness at a greater scale than anyone else. The ‘Pin’ is to do with what’s driving that happiness, so effectively the kind of why behind happiness, and the ‘Go’, critically, and for as uniquely is, what you do about it.” He adds, “Our view is that feedback is really just opinions if you’re not sure what to do about it.”

Frischling talks about the incredible expansion of Yumpingo and congratulates Goodman on the company’s growth, which now extends into twenty-two countries. The guys talk about the current labor market woes, the key to happy employees and why a healthy company culture is critical. Goodman talks about experiencing an incredible company culture when he worked abroad as an 18 year old, and why he has a mission to create a similar environment at his company. He says, “When you work in a restaurant environment, that is a family that you’ve just built out around you, right? To put that into a technology company is not easy, but for me and the team, it’s all about a common purpose.” He adds, “We have a broad church of people that have come from either hospitality or just have a passion for the cause of helping people, the servers, connect better with the people that are eating their food.”

To hear more from Goodman on customer experience, the importance of feedback, and how Covid forced change in the space, check out this episode of The Hospitality Hangout on iTunes!

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