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In the latest episode of Hospitality Hangout, hosts Michael Schatzberg, “The Restaurant Guy,” and Jimmy Frischling, “The Finance Guy,” welcomed Doug Willmarth, President at MOOYAH Burgers, Fries, and Shakes, as their guest. Willmarth introduced himself as the president of MOOYAH and emphasized the restaurant’s commitment to serving the best-tasting cheeseburgers. He highlighted their handcrafted approach, using great ingredients, hand-smashing burgers, and hand-cutting fries, along with made-from-scratch shakes. The key to their success is customization, offering a wide range of options for protein, toppings, sauces, and cheese choices, allowing customers to create their own unique burger experience.

During the conversation, Willmarth discussed his background and passion for leadership and airplanes. Having served in the Navy as a pilot, he transitioned into business leadership and marketing, eventually finding his love for the restaurant industry. Willmarth had worked with renowned brands such as Frito-Lay, Chili’s, and Pizza Hut before joining MOOYAH. Willmarth shared his admiration for the restaurant business, emphasizing its ability to bring people together over food and help individuals become entrepreneurs, reflecting the core values of the American dream.

The episode also highlighted MOOYAH’s new franchise owner incentive program, aimed at driving growth. Franchisees who signed agreements and leases in 2023 would receive three years of royalty relief and additional corporate support to ensure a strong launch. Willmarth expressed the importance of supporting new franchise owners and helping them achieve their dreams of business ownership. The program also includes matching the franchisees’ marketing investment to ensure a successful start and create a strong customer base.

Another exciting development discussed in the episode was MOOYAH’s relaunched rewards app. The new loyalty framework provides an improved ordering experience and rewards customers with free food. Willmarth explained that the focus is on making the ordering process easier and faster through intuitive and visually appealing technology. The shift to a food-based loyalty program aligns with customers’ desire for free food and enhances their overall experience.

Regarding technology, Willmarth shared MOOYAH’s approach of being tech-forward but not an innovator. They strive to be fast followers, adopting proven ROI solutions and leveraging technology as an enabler rather than the primary focus. The ultimate goal remains to deliver high-quality food and a great customer experience. The hosts appreciated MOOYAH’s commitment to prioritizing the food and leveraging technology to enhance operations and customer satisfaction

Willmarth emphasized the importance of customization, allowing customers to create their unique burger experience based on their preferences. The restaurant’s focus on high-quality ingredients, handcrafted processes, and the complementary offerings of fries and shakes all contribute to the mouthful of awesomeness that MOOYAH aims to deliver.

The latest episode of Hospitality Hangout featured an informative conversation with Doug Willmarth, President at MOOYAH Burgers, Fries, and Shakes. They discussed the restaurant’s commitment to quality, customization, and providing a safe and enjoyable dining experience for its loyal fans. To hear “Trivia Tuesday” and the “Branded Quickfire” answers tune into this episode.

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