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In this episode of Hospitality Hangout, Michael Schatzberg, “The Restaurant Guy,” and Jimmy Frischling, “The Finance Guy,” are joined by Tracy Kim, CEO of DIG.

Tracy tells us about her journey from a pre-med student at Stanford and earning her MBA at Harvard Business School and her subsequent leap into the hospitality sector, culminating in her leadership role at DIG. Fast forward, Tracy dishes out how DIG has ‘bowled over’ their audience and positioned itself as the go-to solution for lunch and dinner. Tracy also shares how DIG has used data and technology to modify their approach to capturing new audiences. Plus, why culture is more than just training and the importance of a truly dedicated team.


Key Takeaways:

• Leadership and Innovation: Tracy’s leadership at DIG is informed by her diverse experiences

and passion for hospitality. Tracy peppers in stories from her years with General Mills and

Weight-Watchers and experiences at tech giants like Shuttershock and as a former CEO of


• Pump Energy changes to DIG as a healthy staple to New Yorkers bringing fresh high-quality

vegetable-forward food. DIG has ‘bowled over’ their audience and positioned itself as the go-to

solution for lunch and dinner, emphasizing how data and technology have been instrumental in

expanding market reach and understanding consumer behaviors.

• Consumer segmentation analysis and leveraging psychographic data to tailor services.

• Market Adaptation: Post-COVID, DIG beyond cities. The hybrid workforce and being able to

adapt, tapping into new markets.

• Tracy highlights the importance of efficient in-house technology systems. Tracy shares how

the right technological partnerships have streamlined operations, allowing DIG to maintain a

strong focus on hospitality.

• Bleeding DIG: The dedication of DIG’s team and the strong company culture are vital to their

success. A testament to the employees of DIG.

• Hot Takes: Tracy offers her insight on evolving trends, such as plant-based menus and the

use of robot servers.

• Talking back: Where is technology heading in hospitality? The restaurant guy and finance guy share their forecast on the future of tech in the dining scene.

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