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In today’s episode of Hospitality Hangout, Michael Schatzberg, “The Restaurant Guy,” and Jimmy Frischling, “The Finance Guy,” are joined by Phil Kafarakis, President and CEO of International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA).

Phil focuses on strengthening connections between the food manufacturing and restaurant industries. He also shares his career journey, from working for Oscar Mayer to going on to earn an MBA from Georgetown later in his career. As head of IFMA, Phil is focused on opening membership beyond just manufacturers. He discusses this year’s IFMA conference and collaboration across the “ecosystem,” highlighting the importance of manufacturers to the success of restaurants.

Key Takeaways

  • Introducing Phil Kafarakis the President and CEO of the International Food Manufacturers Association
  • IFMA’s focus extends beyond manufacturers, as Phil discusses opening membership and emphasizes collaboration across the industry ecosystem.
  • Highlights from the discussion include Phil’s tenure at IFMA, insights from the Global Restaurant Leadership Conference, and the significance of food manufacturers in restaurant success.
  • The conversation delves into Phil’s career milestones, including his time at McCormick, and the evolving landscape of the restaurant industry.
  • IFMA’s role as an authority on food away from home is explored, along with its initiatives in research, education, and meeting consumer needs.
  • Phil’s work for IFMA and celebrating two years of leadership. An eighteen month listening tour and understanding some of the “dinosaurs” of the business
  • Phil’s takeaways from IFMA, an environment for authority on food away from home, research, education, analysis, and data. Meeting consumer needs.
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