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In the newest episode of Hospitality Hangout, Michael Schatzberg, known as “The Restaurant Guy,” and Jimmy Frischling, “The Finance Guy,” host a riveting conversation with industry veteran Marc Bruno, the Chief Operating Officer at Aramark. Bruno, who leads ten of Aramark’s U.S. food and facilities divisions, offers a deep dive into his personal journey, which took him from a summer intern to a driving force in the company’s growth strategy and commitment to service excellence.

Hailing from a Chicago family with a restaurant background, Bruno’s lifelong passion for the food industry led him to hotel school and ultimately an internship at Aramark. After spending three decades with the company, Bruno has climbed the corporate ladder, progressing from intern to COO.

Bruno shares anecdotes from his vast experience, which includes leading Aramark’s dining and catering services for 17 Olympic Games, starting with the 1996 Atlanta Games, and providing everyday food service to millions worldwide. Bruno underscores the thrill of working in a sector marked by its diversity, complexity, and the chance to serve customers from all walks of life.

He also sheds light on Aramark’s evolution from Automated Retailers of America, a vending firm, to a global service provider, serving an extensive client base across various industries. Aramark’s offerings have broadened to include facilities management and uniform services, adding to their operation’s complexity.

In a significant disclosure, Bruno revealed that Aramark is preparing to spin off its Uniform Services division into a separate public entity, a strategic decision he believes will benefit both the businesses and the shareholders.

The conversation also touches upon Bruno’s debunking of a myth that credits him with discovering Seamless Web. Instead, he details how the online food ordering service was pitched to his then employer, later becoming integrated into Aramark’s delivery services. He highlights the strategic success of Aramark’s acquisition of Seamless Web in 2006, a move that significantly influenced the delivery market landscape.

Discussing Aramark’s acquisition and partnership strategy, Bruno underscores the company’s focus on scalable enhancements, technological innovation, and talent acquisition. He also emphasizes Aramark’s role as a prominent franchiser and partner of well-recognized brands, aiming to enrich customer experience across their service locations, including college campuses, hospitals, and stadiums.

To hear the “Two Truths and a Lie” plus the “Branded Quickfire” lightning round tune into this episode of Hospitality Hangout.

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