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In today’s episode of Hospitality Hangout, Michael Schatzberg “The Restaurant Guy” and Jimmy Frischling “The Finance Guy” are joined by Steven Song, Chief Financial Officer at Luke’s Lobster, and  Kathi Turner, Executive at Turner’s Seafood.

Steven and Kathi discuss the seafood industry and the pivotal role of technology in enhancing restaurant operations and customer experiences. They share their unique journeys into the seafood business, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that come with integrating digital solutions into traditional business models. They also touch on the importance of sustainability and innovation in seafood sourcing and distribution, underscoring the need for restaurants to adapt to changing consumer demands and environmental considerations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Steven elaborates on the transformative impact of technology in the restaurant industry.
  • Luke’s Lobster’s transition from manual invoice processing to digital solutions.
  • Addressing geographic challenges in seafood distribution with innovative solutions.
  • Luke’s Lobster’s expansion strategies, including partnerships with Whole Foods and online delivery platforms.
  • The potential for restaurant technology consolidation to streamline operations.
  • The ongoing digital transformation journey in the traditionally analog hospitality industry.
  • The significance of integrated tech solutions in minimizing operational friction.
  • Kathi discusses the inception of their investment platform to cater to technology needs in the restaurant industry.
  • Exploring the delicate balance between tradition and innovation in seafood restaurants.
  • Understanding the influence of consumer preferences on seafood restaurant offerings.
  • Implementing strategies for sustainable seafood sourcing and its positive impact on business growth and the environment.
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